About Us

Sweet Arsenic is a mixed union of intellects, designers and programmers who all aim at bringing great games to the public.
Our backgrounds are diverse, but our goal is the same:
To create new and unique games, with exciting narrative and surprising gameplay.
Games that we hope YOU will find inspiring.

Our work

Our mission:
To support you in the creation of your projects.

Narrative Design

Game Design

Concept Art

3D Graphics

Want to see our book ? Check it here :

Sweet arsenic book (34Mb)

Our team

Auri Palisson

CEO, Storyteller

Malik Kaizane

GM, Technical Artist

Julien Barbe

Creative Director & GD

Fabrice Druet

Artistic Director

Michael Bondu

Business Director

Adrian Gomar


Sylvain Guinebaud

Concept Artist

Frederic Soyer


Marina Arnaudova

3D Environment artist

David Guittet

3d artist

Johanna Lloret

3d artist

Jeremy Waulter

3d character artist

They were here too ...

Aude Béclin

Graphic Designer

Claire Bourgoin

Marketing Director

Lise Carrel


François Corbel


Elise Lloret

2d Artist

Antoine Plumeau

3D Director

Constant Pouliquen

Technical Director

Aurore Pupil

Sound designer

Joseph Rahamefy

Concept Artist

Renaud Sourmail

3d Artist

Samuel Zralos

Writer & Community Manager